26.11.19 (Tuesday)

19:00 Informal Dinner

Meetingpoint: Dorint Reception

27.11.19 (Wednesday)

Welcome Session
  • Herman Van Roost Total Petrochemicals and Refining: The Circular Future of Plastics - Fundamentals and Innovation Challenges

  • Rainer Mantel BKV GmbH: Material Flow Analysis of Plastics in Europe 2018

  • Ton Emans PRE/CEDO: Where do we go from here?

  • Q&A

10:40 Coffee Break

Use of Recyclates/Design for Circularity

  • Andreas Malmberg Trioplast: Circularity in high performance polyethylene film converting

  • Immo Sander Werner & Mertz GmbH: Use of Recyclates in FMCG

  • Andreas Bastian Plastship GmbH: New Thinking for the Circular Economy – How Can Digital Business Models Help to Close the Loop?

  • Francis Huysman Valipac vzw: Design for circularity of industrial stretch film

  • Q&A

12:30 Lunch
  • Sascha Roth Nabu: Running circles - the future of plastic usage from a NGO perspective

  • Caterina Picuno Technische Universität Hamburg: Assessment of the Current Performances of Post-Consumer Plastic Packaging in Germany

  • Paolo Sandri European Commission: The Circular Plastics Alliance – a new journey into a truly circular economy for plastic materials

  • Panel Discussion
    Moderator: Christoph Lindner (Conversio)
    Ton Emans (CEDO), Andreas Kicherer (BASF), Andreas Malmberg (Trioplast), Sascha Roth (NABU), Paolo Sandri (European Comission)

15:15 Coffee Break

Chemical Recycling

  • Alban Cotard Valorplast: Introduction to Chemical Recycling

  • Sven Riechers INEOS Styrolution Switzerland S.A.: Styrenics. Made for Recycling.

  • Andreas Kicherer BASF SE: Circular Economy at BASF: The ChemCycling Project

  • Q&A

Technical Innovation

  • Clemens Kitzberger EREMA: How to Produce High Quality Repellets to Reach Circular Economy Goals

  • Michael Stechert MS Tech Beteiligungs GmbH: Separation of Mixed PP, PE and Multilayer Post Consumer Plastic Film Waste by Their Different Densities

  • Pierre de Lepinau A.D.I.VALOR: Reach 100% Recycling of Mulching Films - Is It Possible?

  • Marina Lachevre RecyOuest: The innovative recycling process for round bale nets and agricultural twines

  • Q&A+ Closing EPRO, Peter Sundt

18:25 END

Departure to the Castle Johannisberg
Meetingpoint: Dorint Reception

28.11.19 (Thursday)

  • Opening

Int. Projects in Agricultural Plastics Recycling

  • Bernard Le Moine APE-Europe: Voluntary Commitment of Plasticulture

  • Teresa Martinez SINTAC Recycling: CAPEC Value Chain Agreement

  • Shane Hedderson cleanfarms: Systems Development (Information Management System)

  • Eugene B. Jones Southern Waste Information eXchange, Inc. (SWIX): A Review Agricultural Film Recycling in the US: Obstacles and Opportunities

  • Nesko Kuzmicic RIGK-Chile: Circular Economy Projects in Chile

  • Q&A

10:45 Coffee Break

System Development Around the World

  • Stéphane Guesney ADIVALOR: Collection and Valorisation of Agricultural Nets - How to Proceed?

  • Simon Andrew Agrecovery: Managementsystem for Agriculture-Plastics in New Zealand

  • Volker Kaus IVA: Recycling Developments - The German Disposal System PAMIRA

  • Alexander Efimkin Ecopole: Pesticide Container Collection in Russia

  • Prof. Ing. Pietro PICUNO University of Basilicata:  Recycling of Agricultural Plastics in Italy

  • Q&A

  • Closing EPRO, Peter Sundt

13:00 END