Die konkrete Agenda für das 4. Internationale Recycling Forum 2024 steht noch nicht fest. Allerdings werden sich die Diskussionen erneut um wichtige Themen wie eine Marktübersicht, die neue Verpackungsverordnung (PPWR), Reuse, Design for Circularity, Recycled Content, erweiterte Herstellerverantwortung (EPR), technische Innovationen, chemisches Recycling und landwirtschaftliche Kunststoffe drehen.

Um Ihnen dennoch einen Einblick zu ermöglichen, finden Sie im Folgenden die Agenda des letzten Recyclingforums.


26.11.19 (Tuesday)

19:00 Informal Dinner

Meetingpoint: Dorint Rezeption

27.11.19 (Wednesday)

09:00 Welcome Session
  • Herman Van Roost Total Petrochemicals and Refining: The Circular Future of Plastics - Fundamentals and Innovation Challenges

  • Rainer Mantel BKV GmbH: Material Flow Analysis of Plastics in Europe 2018

  • Ton Emans PRE/CEDO: Where do we go from here?

  • Q&A

10:40 Coffee Break

Use of Recyclates/Design for Circularity

  • Andreas Malmberg Trioplast: Circularity in high performance polyethylene film converting

  • Immo Sander Werner & Mertz GmbH: Use of Recyclates in FMCG

  • Andreas Bastian Plastship GmbH: New Thinking for the Circular Economy – How Can Digital Business Models Help to Close the Loop?

  • Francis Huysman Valipac vzw: Design for circularity of industrial stretch film

  • Q&A

12:30 Lunch
  • Sascha Roth Nabu: Running circles - the future of plastic usage from a NGO perspective

  • Caterina Picuno Technische Universität Hamburg: Assessment of the Current Performances of Post-Consumer Plastic Packaging in Germany

  • Paolo Sandri European Commission: The Circular Plastics Alliance – a new journey into a truly circular economy for plastic materials

  • Panel Discussion
    Moderator: Christoph Lindner (Conversio)
    Ton Emans (CEDO), Andreas Kicherer (BASF), Andreas Malmberg (Trioplast), Sascha Roth (NABU), Paolo Sandri (European Comission)

15:15 Coffee Break

Chemical Recycling

  • Alban Cotard Valorplast: Introduction to Chemical Recycling

  • Sven Riechers INEOS Styrolution Switzerland S.A.: Styrenics. Made for Recycling.

  • Andreas Kicherer BASF SE: Circular Economy at BASF: The ChemCycling Project

  • Q&A

Technical Innovation

  • Clemens Kitzberger EREMA: How to Produce High Quality Repellets to Reach Circular Economy Goals

  • Michael Stechert MS Tech Beteiligungs GmbH: Separation of Mixed PP, PE and Multilayer Post Consumer Plastic Film Waste by Their Different Densities

  • Pierre de Lepinau A.D.I.VALOR: Reach 100% Recycling of Mulching Films - Is It Possible?

  • Marina Lachevre RecyOuest: The innovative recycling process for round bale nets and agricultural twines

  • Q&A+ Closing EPRO, Peter Sundt

18:25 END

Departure to the Castle Johannisberg
Meetingpoint: Dorint Rezeption

28.11.19 (Thursday)

  • Opening

Int. Projects in Agricultural Plastics Recycling

  • Bernard Le Moine APE-Europe: Voluntary Commitment of Plasticulture

  • Teresa Martinez SINTAC Recycling: CAPEC Value Chain Agreement

  • Shane Hedderson cleanfarms: Systems Development (Information Management System)

  • Eugene B. Jones Southern Waste Information eXchange, Inc. (SWIX): A Review Agricultural Film Recycling in the US: Obstacles and Opportunities

  • Nesko Kuzmicic RIGK-Chile: Circular Economy Projects in Chile

  • Q&A

10:45 Coffee Break

System Development Around the World

  • Stéphane Guesney ADIVALOR: Collection and Valorisation of Agricultural Nets - How to Proceed?

  • Simon Andrew Agrecovery: Managementsystem for Agriculture-Plastics in New Zealand

  • Volker Kaus IVA: Recycling Developments - The German Disposal System PAMIRA

  • Alexander Efimkin Ecopole: Pesticide Container Collection in Russia

  • Prof. Ing. Pietro PICUNO University of Basilicata:  Recycling of Agricultural Plastics in Italy

  • Q&A

  • Closing EPRO, Peter Sundt

13:00 END